IQS Namibia (Windhoek) has treated over 800 smokers in the last 36 months at an amazing success rate of up to 90% to be smoke-free. We have many testimonials from customers who are 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3+ years without any desire to smoke ever again. Many are on file some are posted on our IQS Facebook page.

Below are a few from Namibia and also worldwide:

Beryl Rüdiger (Windhoek)

"with IQS on 1 September 2020, ill have been clean 9 years. What an awesome club to be a member of. 

Karola Potgieter (Windhoek)

"I have stopped 8 years ago with IQS. Thank you. I am so proud that I have quit and still off smokes" 

Gerhard Mohrmann snr. (Namibia)

“Tomorrow the 27th will be a month that we have stopped since we had our treatment and not once smoked again! It is truly a revolutionary treatment and I have recommended IQS to everyone I know.  People who know us are amazed that for us there are no cravings and that we stopped immediately.”

Deon de Waal (Windhoek)

"Coincidentally, I've stopped SIX years ago, with IQS, Windhoek."

Herman Cohen (Austria)

“I smoked for 60 years. I tried to quit the last 30 years. I tried everything including betting for a cost of approximately what I used to smoke in 2 months. I almost ignored the brochure of IQS but the guarantee told me to try once more. I never would have believed that it could be this easy. I was free within some hours. I want to spread the word. I want to become a sales rep for this Method. Everybody should try this no-risk therapy.”

Vittorio Iseni (Italy)

“I smoked cigarettes (pack & 1/2 a day) for 35 years. After seeing the IQS advertising I tried the IQS program. Today I am smoke-free and never had any nicotine fits (no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.) Yes! It does work! I would recommend IQS to everyone that wants to quit smoking.”

Allen Staff (USA)

“I started the IQS program on January 1st, 2001 to help me quit smoking and I was able to quit smoking immediately. IQS took the edge off and eliminated the physical cravings I had experienced during my previous attempts to quit smoking. Thank you very much.”

Donald Weatherford (Canada)

“Thank you IQS! It is amazing, after 20 years of smoking, I am an ex-smoker! After the first day of IQS therapy, I knew that I would never light up again. Not just for my own health, but for my daughter, Marisa as well. Thanks Again!”

To date, more than 500,000 people benefited from the IQS program.


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