The IQS Method

Included in the IQS treatment program:

  • Customer assessment

  • Nicotine dependency evaluation

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) smoke check 

  • Up to 4x auricular treatments

       (90% of smokers only require 2 – 3 treatments)

  • Coaching & Support for 6 months

Cost:  IQS centres normally set their own promotions and pricing. It would be best to contact either the Windhoek or Walvisbay centre directly for the latest package price.

The IQS system & technology

Once the customer’s motivation and addiction are determined, the No-Smoke software customer profile is set up. The software provides some feedback as to how addicted the customer is, how long each point is to be stimulated and at what intensity. Soon to be Non-smokers now take the all-important step and say goodbye to their smoking life by throwing away the last packet and lighter as they will not need them anymore. The customer then sits back in a comfortable chair and relax while the IQS-trained therapist stimulates the reflex points on the ears with a hand-held pod. The specific meridian nerve points relating to nicotine addiction and cleansing of the organs related to smoking damage are targeted. Each point is stimulated based upon the customer’s personal profile with regard to intensity, duration, and frequency of the electro stimulus. The stimulation is simple, quick and the customer can drive back to where they need to be right after the treatment. During the coaching and preparation session, we discuss the customer’s personal life in terms of defining most probable situations when they may be triggered to remember smoking and we give them tips and methods to minimise this as best possible. That would be how to cope with friends that smoke, social events, coffee, and alcohol to name but a few.

I Quit Smoking’s R.I.S.E. (Reflection Instrument Scanning Electro-pulse) technology was developed as a result of the company’s commitment to creating a quick, natural, and simple program that is repeatable and affordable. The IQS system takes approximately 1 hour, administered by an IQS-trained therapist.

The customer’s personal smoking profile is recorded in Dr. Fagerstrom’s nicotine addiction test and later entered into the NO-SMOKE software (i.e., age, sex, number of years as a smoker, quantity of cigarettes per day, type of tobacco, how soon do you smoke after waking up, etc.) to create a personalized session. During the first coaching and preparation session, we assess the smoker’s motivation to quit through a variety of physical and psychological tests.

The I Quit Smoking method is the result of years of scientific and medical research in the field of auricular therapy, which resulted in a patented system. Approved by the CE and UL, the system uses customized treatments to suit each individual smoker's needs using a simple electrical stimulation on the articles (ears). By stimulating these reflex points on both ears, the smoker loses their desire to smoke.






This treatment is so effective that after the first treatment a large percentage of our customers do not “have to” smoke until the next treatment. After the second treatment scheduled 2 to 3 days later, the new non-smoker is confident enough and can cope extremely well without nicotine. On rare occasions, three or four treatments are required. The remaining treatments are available for 6 months for “in case” situations to ensure our customers maintain a smoke-free life.

Some of the immediate benefits of quitting smoking with The I Quit Smoking system include easier breathing, a heightened sense of taste and smell, increased energy, and a halt of pre-mature aging. 

Naturally, your self-esteem will soar and the financial burden of buying cigarettes will stop at once.

We are looking forward to assisting you in changing your life for the better!

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The electro-stimulation accelerates the break-up of the poisonous substances of cigarette smoking accumulated in the organs and triggers an increase in the release of endorphins in the system. This release of endorphins acts like a block to receptors relevant to tobacco addiction, thus reducing the craving for nicotine for up to 7 days after which there is no more nicotine in the system. After the treatment, up to 70% of customers will lose the desire to smoke and can stay smoke-free. A 30% will have a vastly reduced desire and normally make it to the 2nd treatment without smoking again after which a further 90% of them will then totally lose the desire to smoke again. There are up to four treatments included in the program, so we can safely reason that all customers who are motivated and follow our program will become smoke-free and never desire to smoke again. A second follow up treatment is normally booked for a few days after the first, depending on the customer’s addiction level. A few customers require a third treatment.


The price of the treatment is calculated based on the cost of living and the economic situation in each country. In most cases, we have found that those who are motivated find our pricing low and the value high. Be assured that you will save a lot of money from day one after you quit smoking. The price includes the evaluation, coaching, addiction, and physiological smoke tests as well as up to four treatments. The support with the program is done for 6 months but requires the customer to follow the guidelines 100%, be motivated, and willing to work with us, especially in times when life and personal issues present distractions. We have successfully treated smokers in just one treatment to become smoke-free even though they smoked for up to 60 years and some who smoked up to 60 cigarettes a day.

Therefore, if you fall within and even beyond those numbers above, IQS can help you to

become a Non-smoker!

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