Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of treatment are we talking about?

The treatment is based on auriculotherapy. This therapeutic method derived from acupuncture consists of stimulation of certain points on the external part of the ears. Each point is in a nervous reflex relation with an organ or a gland of the body. This treatment uses the same principles as of those of acupuncture but without using needles. It is a soft electro impulse stimulation which does the work and it is very effective.

Why the ear?

Because all parts of the body are found in the external ear at very precise points. All the corresponding points form a true atlas of the human body. The therapeutic method elaborated by the researcher Doctor Paul F.M. Nogier consists of exciting certain points in the ear by mechanical or electromagnetic stimulations to achieve the goal of correcting functional or organic problems.

Electro stimulation, exactly what is it?

It is a soft electrical impulsed current of various intensity and duration which stimulates the nerve plexus in precise pre-determined points by means of micro vibrations which excites the nerve endings. The greatest advantage of this method is that is also electrically based as are the nervous system and the impulse transfer is highly efficient to reach each specified nerve point each time.  Missing an important point or more may occur with the use of needles in acupuncture. The concentrated current vibrates at an almost identical frequency as that of the human cells, creating a tuning fork effect which excites the targeted nerve endings without pain.

Can anyone take the treatment?

There are certain exceptions:

  • People with heart pace makers are regrettably not allowed to be treated.
  • Pregnant women inside their first trimester (after the first trimester we recommend their GP to be notified and his blessing to proceed as a smoke free mother/baby is always better and our treatment can never be as dangerous as Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, Tar and some 4000 other chemicals!)
  • Patients on heavy anti-depressant medication.  WE recommend them to first complete the medication, get clearance from their doctor that whatever had to be treated is done, and then call us to become smoke free.
  • Unmotivated people.

How does it help to quit smoking?

The auriculotherapy treatment has been applied and perfected in order to provide an optimal result for those who want to quit smoking. The treatment takes about 45 minutes WITHOUT PAIN AND WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS. This treatment will literally take away your craving to smoke while controlling your stress. Moreover, it will also help control your appetite during the cessation phase, so there should be no weight gain.

So is it 100% effective?

Not totally but no system is!

It is true that the treatment delivers the physical relief which is very important but you will have a small amount of work to do to control your old habits. So you have to really want to quit smoking. However, the results are far superior to currently existing methods.

So the treatment method is incomplete?

The method will always be incomplete if the smoker has not really decided to quit. After the treatment, the IQS Centres offer a follow-up support service 6 days a week and also some support products (in Europe).

Further, another 4 support treatments are included in the price and we usually book the 2nd treatment on day 3 – 6 after the first treatment.

How do I know that it works?

The treatment protocol of the IQS Centres has been developed and improved over a 6 year period and the statistics show that 90% of smokers quit permanently and never light up again. The urge and desire to smoke ceases which is what all smokers and their families want.  More than 500 000 smoker has been treated so the program is proved.

And what about those who start smoking again?

There are some and they are divided into three categories :

A) Imature people who still considers smoking as a joyfull experience, still think it is “cool” and does not fully understand that in a few years time their body will start to break down and various smoking related ilnesses will take effect.  They fell in love with the idea to be smoke free, but because they don’t really buy into the advantagous of a smoke free life, will find all the excuses in the book to start again.  The most frequent one is “I have too much stress”

B) They were not motivated in the first place and did not want to do it for themselves.  E.g. Employees forced by their employer or a spouse being forced by the other to quit.( Although 60% remain non-smokers after the first treatment or smokes 90% less).

C) People (ex smokers) who live through situations of great stress in the first year following their cessation (death of a spouse, bankruptcy, loss of employment, painful separations, etc.) and who do not phone to get a support treatment.  In almost all cases they only realises afterwards that by starting to smoke again they did not reverse the cause and it was a mistake as they have now compounded their bad situation.  The smoking again can never reverse such situations.

Does the treatment work the same for everyone?

No two people are the same, no medicine or drug works the same.

Most people experiences a major reduction in the desire to smoke after the treatment and this improves for the first 3 days.  Some people experiences this reduction in a reduced way and the causes are:

  • Using medicine that reduces or controls hormone production or endorphine specifically. (If you tell us we will increase the treatment time per point and shorten the time to subsequent follow up treatments.)
  • By not being honest during the assessment will result in incorrect programming which will result in under stimulation, thereby not achieving optimum results.
  • The less fortunate 10% will obtain the maximum results in 3 to 5 days and it may be because of slower metabolism of the body, i.e. glands function, medication delaying the full effect of the treatment, menstrual cycle, etc.

– 70% of the patients get an immediate result which improves for 3 days, remains for up to 6 days.
– 20% of the patients must have a good night’s sleep to get the results by the next day.
– 10% will take up to 3 days but during this it will always be better than to quit going cold turkey.

Are there other clinics around like yours?

Not really! Certain clinics provide laser treatments, but they do not offer a global treatment and are not specialised in nicotine addiction. This is a UNIQUE TREATMENT with free support treatments for 6 months. The IQS Network is the only one who specializes in quit smoking.

What about the other kinds of treatment available?

We have prepared a comparative list of some methods available on the market.

Rate of success after one year

– Acupuncture (laser or needles) 25%
– Zyban ™, with medical follow-up 30.3%
– Patches with medical follow-up 16,4%
– Without any medication (cold turkey) with medical follow up 15.6%

The IQS way achieves up to 90% success and as far as we could determine none of the methods above has any follow up in Namibia.

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