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IQS Namibia, 2nd Birthday Comming up.

On Friday 8th July 2011, IQS Namibia was first seen in public at the annual “Biltongfees” in Pioneerspark.  With one small 2.4 x 2.4 m Gazebo and a few banners, it was hard to imagine that would be the starting day of over 1000 smokers treated in Southern Africa……almost 900 people quit smoking from that!

On 7th July 2013, we will celebrate our 2nd birthday with our third consecutive appearance at the Biltongfees.  GREAT promotions are available and and you can qualify by entering our “I Quit Smoking” competition at the show.

Till date, our IQS Windhoek have treated almost 700 people at an amazing success rate.

Together with the Namibian Coast and IQS treatment centres already opened in Cape Town(2), Johannesburg(2), Durban, Pretoria, East London, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, we’ve already crossed the 1000 customer mark!

> 5 more IQS centres are in the planning phase with many more to come.

Along the way IQS Namibia and our SA network had MAJOR impact on many people’s lives.
We cherish each and everyone’s fantastic result and it is a pleasure to see our customers in town giving us the thumbs up!  Well, thumbs up to all of you, almost 900 smoke free people in the 2 years…..
That is the best Birtday Present we could ever get.

For now, let us sit back, look at the success we had so far and set a new goal……

2500 new non smokers in the next 12 months!

Why not, and WHY not YOU?