IQS Namibia (Windhoek) has treated over 800 smokers in the last 36 months at an amazing success rate of up to 90% to be smoke free. We have many testimonials from customers who are 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3+ years without any desire to smoke ever again. Many are on file some are posted on our IQS Facebook page.

Below are a few from Namibia and also world wide

“Thanks to the IQS system I am now a non smoker for 30 months after smoking a pack plus more a day for 60 years!  I used to light up in bed before getting up and put the last one out going to bed. I never thought it will happen, no cravings!  I stopped in 1 hour and only needed two treatments.”

Gerhard Mohrmann snr. (Namibia)

“Tomorrow the 27th will be a month that we have stopped since we had our treatment and not once smoked again! It is truly a revolutionary treatment and I have recommended IQS to everyone I know.  People who know us are amazed that for us there are no cravings and that we stopped immediately.”

Ellen Kiesewetter

Yay………3years today (13-7-2014) I stopped smoking with IQS…… proud of myself.
IQS says “Well done Ellen, so proud of you and all our customers!”

Koos van Zyl (Windhoek)

I am three years smoke free thanks to IQS.
It was quick, comfortable and it works,  I feel great.
As a musician I still enjoy my party times.

Herman Cohen (Austria)

“I smoked for 60 years. Tried to quit the last 30 years. Tried everything including betting for a cost of approximately what I used to smoke in 2 months. I almost ignored the brochure of IQS but the guarantee told me to try once more. I never would have believed that it could be this easy. I was free within some hours. I want to spread the word. I want to become a sales rep for this Method. Everybody should try this no risk therapy.”

Vittorio Iseni (Italy)

“I smoked cigarettes (pack & 1/2 a day) for 35 years. After seeing the IQS advertising I tried the IQS program. Today I am smoke free and never had any nicotine fits (no cravings or withdrawal symptoms.) Yes! It does work! I would recommend IQS to everyone that wants to quit smoking.”

Allen Staff (USA)

“I started the IQS program on January 1st, 2001 to help me quit smoking and I was able to quit smoking immediately. IQS took the edge off and eliminated the physical cravings I had experienced during my previous attempts to quit smoking. Thank you very much.”

Donald Weatherford (Canada)

“Thank you IQS! It is amazing, after 20 years of smoking, I am an ex-smoker !After the first day of IQS therapy, I knew that I would never light up again. Not just for my own health, but for my daughter, Marisa as well. Thanks Again!”

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To date, more than 500,000 people benefited from the IQS program, WHY NOT YOU?

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