IQS Method

IQS Method

The I Quit Smoking method is the result of years of scientific and medical research in the field of auricular therapy, which resulted in a patented system featuring the R.I.S.E. technology. Approved by the CE and UL, R.I.S.E. is customized to suit each individual smoker using a pain-free electrical stimulation in the auricles or ear. By stimulating these reflex points in the ear, the smoker loses their desire to smoke.

Included in the IQS treatment course:
Customer assesment, Nicotine dependency evaluation, Carbon Monoxide (CO) smoke check, up to 5 x R.I.S.E. treatments (90% only require 2 – 3 treatments), aftercare coaching, support and a new non smoker “smoke free” kit.

This treatment is so effective that after the 1st treatment a very large percentage of our customers don’t “have to” smoke till the next treatment.  After the 2nd treatment scheduled 4 to 7 days later the new non smoker is confident enough and can cope extremely well without nicotine. In rare occasions 3 or 4 treatments are required.  The remaining treatments are available for “in case” situations to ensure our customers maintain a smoke free life.

Cost:  IQS centres normaly set their own promotions and pricing.  It would be best to fill out a request on the “BOOK AN APPOINTMENT” tag above, kindly indicate where you are, include  you telephone numbers and e-mail.
We will send you applicable information by e-mail.

Some of the immediate benefits of quit smoking with I Quit Smoking R.I.S.E. system includes easier breathing, heightened sensations, increased energy and the halt of pre-mature aging.  Naturally your self esteem will soar and the financial burden of buying cigarettes will stop at once.

We are looking forward to changing your life for the better, so book your appointment now.