Franchise Opportunities

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, with six people dying each minute from smoking-related illnesses.

According to the World Health Organization, one-third of the world’s population smokes, which equates to more than 15 billion cigarettes smoked worldwide everyday. These statistics help define I Quit Smoking’s target market of 1.3 billion smokers!

Despite the various smoking cessation options available to smokers today, IQS offers a proven and comfortable method to quit. IQS’ success rate of up to 90 percent is significantly higher than any other smoking cessation method available worldwide.

Up to 80% of our customers have tried and failed to quit smoking with other methods and most are amazed how easy it was with IQS.  Many people can’t stand medication, dare not use them because of their medical situation, can’t stand the side effects and may be looking for a natural and safe way to quit. That is exactly what IQS is.

With that said, IQS is looking to develop a network of 5,000 centers worldwide to help smokers quit smoking and live healthier lives through its patented and proven system.

In Namibia, two centers are in operation since 2011 and we have treated over 1000 smokers equaling world wide success rates.  Our first customers from 2011 are still going strong and approaching 3 years smoke free lives.

The outlaying areas of the Central and far North, as well as the entire South of Namibia is not represented yet and smokers resort to driving up to 700 km for IQS treatment in Windhoek.  (Because of our reputation and the success)

We are urgently looking for Franchise Business partners in those three areas to join our success. 

We have launched IQS into South Africa in 2012, already 12 new centers are open with some 20 more are available to franchise business partners

The R.I.S.E. Equipment is imported from Europe, shipped to and delivered at your door.
An Exclusive Franchise license needs to be purchased and training in you location is performed by qualified people who are doing this now for 3 years.

To become a Franchise Business partner with IQS, the following is required:

  1. Strong desire to be an entrepreneur, basic business knowledge, love for the wellness industry, be a pleasant person and being teachable.
  2. Starting Capital – No business is for free and once you receive our information we will show you how we returned investment within a short time.
  3. Location to operate.  There are 3 possibilities:

i)   a Home based operation,
ii)  Office or shopping centre,
iii) Shop within a shop.

The last one could be a >16 square meter room in a health spa, gym, beauty salon, pharmacy, wellness centre, etc.  this is a great option because it exposes your business into an existing clientele, share resources and it compliments and  benefits both businesses in the long run.

The IQS business is very simple, quick to master and there is a road map to follow from day one.

Anyone interested is welcome to contact us on for Franchise info. You can visit us by making an appointment on 0855500504