I Quit For My Family…

Whatever, the reason, it’s always a good time to quit smoking.

It is noble to quit smoking for your family, but be sure to include yourself in “the Family”.

You should quit smoking for yourself, your health, to smell good for yourself, to feel younger for yourself, to get the monkey off your back…. because YOU want to.

If you attempt to quit simply because your are “doing it for” someone else, then you’ll end up blaming them everytime you have a bad moment, anxiety, stress or any situation which you may connect to quit smoking in the near future.

In doing so, you will not be doing anyone any favours, in fact you will put stress on relationships around you.

In the event you do it for yourself, you will not blame others, not seek revenge and not pick uneccessary fights.  In fact you will be much more approachable and be able to ask everyone around you to “bear with you” and assit you during the first few days.

Your chances of success will increase ten fold.

I’ll take care of ME for you, if you will take care of YOU for me.”
– Jim Rohn (Business Philosopher)

This simple statement can’t be put in any better words and it would be the best pact you and your family / friends can enter into.

Our IQS therapist/s will guide you through your first 4 days and then looking back, you will admit that quit smoking with IQS was not nearly as difficult as you expected.  Some of our customers report that it was really easy and it worked “like magic”.

Your family will be amazed at how quick and trouble free quitting was and we are frequently thanked by family memebers who just can’t believe mom and dad came through it this time without the terrible experiences of a previous attempt.

It is easy to stay motivated when the motive is right.

What is your WHY….